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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Alton
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Keith Arrowsmith-Oliver President 2016/2017 Alton House Hotel

Alton Rotarians meet at
The Alton House Hotel
On the 2nd and 4th Thursday
at  7.00pm

Alton Rotary Club was formed over 60 years
ago and for the entire period has held
meetings at the Alton House Hotel.

We have 26 members and welcome new
members to join this well established club.

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  Rotary Club of Alton

Rotary Club - Regency Week

The Rotary of Alton participated in two very special events during Regency Week

On Saturday, with the High Street stepping back into early 19th century mode, amidst the coming and going of horses, strolling players, gentry and commoners, Rotary manned a stall featuring two appropriate games of skill.    Passersby were invited to try their luck with the Rotary ‘Jane Austen’ Wheel of Fortune.   The wheel (constructed by Ray Warren) featured titles of Jane’s books and the lucky owner of the winning ticket chose a prize.   Punters were also invited to Roll a Penny (or tuppenny piece) to land on a square and win a prize.   Both games brought back childhood memories to many contestants.

The second event, held at The Alton House Hotel, was a Rotary Family Evening.  Guests enjoyed an unusual meal based on eating habits of the early 1800s.   President Keith Arrowsmith Oliver and Vice President Tony Phillips were both resplendent in Regency costume – which they found very uncomfortable on an extremely hot evening.  

  This very notable occasion marked the handover of the office of President from Keith to Tony.

Annalie Talent from The Jane Austen’s House Museum was the very accomplished after dinner speaker.   Annalie gave an interesting and informative presentation featuring a brief history of Jane Austen including views of her work by other well known authors – not all were complimentary!

Rotarians and their guests agreed that a good time was had by all and felt that they had shared in what has been, a very successful Alton Regency Week.